Cretan cuisine is a part of the Mediterranean diet and is among the most healthy and nutritional diets one can try in Greece. Cretan cuisine restaurants in Chania are always trying to find evolving and prototype dishes to amaze their guests, and in this informative blog we will unfold some of the simplest dishes you can make in your home in order to enjoy an authentic Cretan Cuisine.

Cretan Cuisine restaurants in Chania: What they look for.

Olive Tree Restaurant lies in Platanias, Chania region and is a proud ambassador of Cretan Cuisine, thus it is considered one of the Cretan cuisine restaurants in Chania. Carefully selected fresh and organic ingredients, recipes from the past, use of local and seasonal ingredients are only a few of the parameters that define a Cretan cuisine restaurant. Cooking oils also play an essential role in Cretan Cuisine, and extra virgin Cretan olive oil is primarily used in raw form in salads and food, as well as when frying is needed.

extra virgin olive oil used on Cretan Cuisine Restaurants
Extra virgin olive oil used on Cretan Cuisine Restaurants- Olive TRee Cretan Cuisine Restaurant in Chania

Traditional Cretan Salad

A traditional Cretan salad is the pinnacle of Cretan Cuisine and what is readily available in every Cretan restaurant. Cretan salad is a variation of the Greek salad or most commonly known, Horiatiki. Cretan Cuisine normally makes dishes with whatever fruits/ vegetables sprout at that season on Cretan fields, and Cretan salad is no exception.

Onions, Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, eggs, peper, olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, Mizithra White Cheese  are only a few of the ingredients that are readily available and comprise the traditional Cretan Salad. Occasionally except for extra virgin olive oil, oregano and caper is also added at the end in order to intensify the taste and aromas of the salad.

Traditional Greek Salad- with tomatoes, olives, mizhthta cheese and fresh vegetables
Traditional Greek Salad- A Cretan Cuisine Restaurant’s favorite- ArmineaghayanGreek Salad from ThessalonikiCC BY-SA 4.0 .
Caper- Cretan foods and Cretan aromatic herbs and spices
Caper- Cretan food- Cretan aromatic herbs and spices

Graviera Saganaki

Graviera is a traditional matured hard yellow cheese that Crete is proud of. We introduce you to the Graviera Saganaki, which is cheese fried in the frying pan. No specific preparation is needed, apart from getting the specific cheese. Extra virgin olive oil, organic flour, Cretan Honey and sesame seeds are the only essentials.

After you rinse Graviera slices with water, you then add them to the flour mixture and then fry them in extra virgin olive oil which is already boiling.After you deep fry them for some minutes you let them dry in paper towel and then you pour Cretan honey as well as sesame seeds (white and black) for extra taste and texture. Many Cretan Cuisine Restaurants also offer this Cretan delicacy as a dessert, after a scrumptious dinner

graviera traditional Cretan hard mature cheese
Graviera traditional Cretan hard mature cheese- Cretan Cuisine Restaurant: Olive Tree- Platanias- PRAFromage de Crète (Graviera)CC BY-SA 3.0 

Tzatziki: An all time classic.

Cucumbers are in excess during Cretan summer. This is why tzatziki is consumed so extensively during that period and Crete is no exception. It is a side dish that can be combined with nearly everything in your diet. When prepared correctly it is a nutrient and light side dish which can be combined with anice, garlic and spearmint, some of the key ingredients of Cretan cuisine too.

For making Tzatziki in your home you will need: Extra virgin Olive Oil, Greek drained yoghurt, garlic, peper, salt, vinegar and whatever aromatic herb or seasoning you like. After you cleanse and grate the cucumbers you then add all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly in order to make a nice mixture for you to enjoy with your meals.

tzatziki with yogurt and cucumber- traditional cretan cuisine
Tzatziki with yogurt ,olive oil and cucumber- traditional Cretan cuisine- Nikodem NijakiTzatziki IMGP1480CC BY-SA 3.0 

Cretan Cuisine: The epitome of healthiness.

Healthy, nutrient and pure are the elements of Cretan Cuisine and Cretan cuisine restaurants in Chania which honor our islands traditions are many.It is your task to choose the right restaurant when on your vacation in Chania. Our mission is to be a proud ambassador of Cretan Cuisine and honor Cretan recipes and way of life. Stay posted for new uploads into our blog .

We suggest that you adopt many of the dishes, traditions and ethics of our proud homeland! It is altogether one of the many aspects which will connect you with Crete, and also be a lively memory of your happy vacation days.

Traditional Cretan Cuisine- Cretan Restaurants - Restaurants in Chania- Platanias Restaurants- Traditional food of Crete
Traditional Cretan Cuisine- Cretan Restaurants – Restaurants in Chania- Platanias Restaurants- Traditional food of Crete

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