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Our dishes awake memories from the past and offer you local flavours.

Cretan Cuisine Restaurants Platanias- Olive Tree Beachfront Restaurant Chania- Traditional Cuisine Chania

Cretan hospitality

Lean back, relax and enjoy our hospitality and the fascinating sea view while experiencing your culinary and wine journeys.

The Greek word filoxenia, consisting of the words φιλώ (filó=like, love) + ξένος (xénos=foreigner) refers to our caring and catering for those visiting our home.

Cretan Cuisine & Cretan hospitality at a glance


Gastronomy is a compound word made up of two authentic, ancient Greek words: γαστήρ (ghastír=stomach) + νόμος (nómos=law, rules).

Gastronomy is, therefore, the art of experiencing quality food, which includes the selection, preparation and servicing of fine dishes.

Cretan Gastronomy Restaurants- Olive Tree Restaurant Chania- Traditional food Chania- Cretan Cuisine recipes

Who can truly forget the authentic treat of
tsikudia and dessert at the end of your meal…

Cretan Cuisine Restaurants- Rated Restaurants Chania- Beachfront Restaurants Chania- traditional food Chania

Certificate of use of the label
“Crete- Cretan Cuisine”

This certified that the services of the business:

Hotel Platanias Ariston– Restaurant “Olive Tree”
with the reference Number: 038

are according to the “crete – cretan cuisine” specifications
and have been approved by Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete 

Our dishes

Seeing, smelling, tasting. These senses make our food pleasant and delicious and carry our local identity and culture. They become a vessel for exchanging knowledge and information.