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Deeply rooted in the cultural history of our island,  our ingredients carry strong values with them.

From the farm to the fork

From the farm to the fork

Small, local farmers supply our kitchen with little gems of high historical and symbolic value. Our ingredients are inextricably linked to the cultural history of our island and the traditional farming methods mark the authenticity of their quality and identity.

The local flavours bring a sense of safety, continuity and unity in a world that has lost its collective narrative and social consistency.

Back to our roots means back to flavours that are pure, simple, fresh and distinctive. These flavours are also a symbol of our traditions, our long-gone carefree years and the long-forgotten authenticity.

Local products

Εστιατόριο Olive Tree Πλατανιάς- Μεσογειακή Κρητική Διατροφή

Sea salt

Originating in natural salt pans in Southern Crete, it is considered one of the healthiest and purest types of salt. A truly natural ingredient!


When the milk boils and is left to cool down, we extract the milk film from the top, we sprinkle salt on it and store it in a jar in the fridge. When we have enough of it, we add flour and warm it up. And that’s how we get staka.


Mizithra is a snow white, soft-textured cheese with a distinctive sweet flavour.

Graviera cheese

Graviera from Crete has a light-textured, savoury and buttery flavour. It is made of sheep and goat milk and is rich in protein.

Carob honey

Carob is the fruit of the carob tree which is mostly native to the Mediterranean region. It has saved the lives of older generations during wartime. The processing of the carob gives us the carob honey, which is classified as a superfood as it is a natural source of nutrients.


Tender pork bits, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and spices and smoked in aromatic wood according to the traditional recipe.

Cretan apaki

Made of fat-free pork tenderloin. We pinch salt and pepper and sprinkle aromatic herbs, sage, oregano, savory and thyme. Then, the meat is marinated in fine-quality wine vinegar for 2-3 days.

Παραδοσιακό Κρητικό Φαγητό- Κρητική Κουζίνα Εστιατόρια Χανιά- Παραδοσιακή Κρητική Διατροφή- Εστιατόρια στα Χανιά

Marouvas wine

Marouvas is a high-alcohol traditional wine produced in the area of Kissamos, Chania, in Western Crete. In our local dialect, “marouvas” means “aged”, which shows that the eponymous wine is intended for long-term aging.

Thyme honey

Mankind’s nectar! Featuring a unique taste and aroma and a rich amber colour, thyme honey is considered the leader in honey products.

Fennel pie

Fennel is a sweet-scented herb which has grown on Crete for centuries and is made into a pie.


Anthotyros is cheese produced by adding goat-sheep milk or milk cream to sheep or goat whey. It contains a fairly small percentage of fat and is consumed raw or is used in traditional cooking or baking (e.g. traditional baked or fried turnovers known as kaltsunia).

Olive oil

We only use extra virgin olive oil in all our dishes. The olive tree is known to have existed in Crete since the Pre-Minoan era (2800-2100 BC).

Cretan vinegar

Made of grapes according to a traditional recipe.

Table olives

Green olives flavoured with lemon and black olives flavoured with salt, based on traditional recipes.

Onions and garlics

Grown in the village Mesogia.

Κρητική διατροφή- Μεσογειακή διατροφή- Εστιατόρια Χανιά- Παραθαλλάσια εστιατόρια χανιά- Εστιατόρια με θέα χανιά


Its sublime flavour makes it the best of wild chicory. It is a self-seeded plant, endemic to Crete.


Traditional varieties

Cretan avocado

Blessed is the island of Crete and so is its soil. The avocado has flourished on the island and is deeply rooted in its soil.


Rusks exemplify Cretan cuisine. Today, rusks are one of the most widely recognised and sought-after local products.

Home-grown potatoes

Fresh potatoes fried in olive oil


Made of Cretan sheep milk.


From a wild, home-grown and hand-picked variety


Crete-endemic mountain tea which grows naturally (self-seeded) on the mountains Lefka Ori and Psiloritis, at altitudes from 800 to 2,000 metres, close to marjoram.

Savory (Satureja)

A self-seeded plant of Crete, used as culinary herb and aromatic. It grows with the thyme and is the first to blossom.


Thyme features a wide range of culinary uses. It is used as a spice in many cuisines, particularly in the Cretan cuisine.


Our meat comes from free-range animals bred on Crete.