Cretan gastronomy restaurants are now on high demand because they propose a healthy way of living. Cretan gastronomy is nowadays renowned worldwide for its fine healthy ingredients, the pure way of cooking, the high nutritional value it has to offer and the numerous local traditional products that are in abundance on Cretan soil, especially during summer months.

We have already talked about Cretan products and in this article we will inform you about 2 famous Cretan gastronomy summer dishes that you can make in your home. They will taste fantastic, they are easy to make, local products are being used- but first and foremost local healthy ingredients are being used in those recipes that for us, in Olive Tree Restaurant, resemble the Greek summer.

Cretan Gastronomy Restaurants : What nature has to offer.

When talking about Cretan food we are certain that we use ingredients readily available and healthy. We try to avoid fatty ingredients during the greek hot summer months as it is preferred to stay hydrated and eat light in order to be more comfortable and energetic during the day.

Summer in Crete has a lot to offer food wise as our rich soil is perfect for crop production. You may have seen that especially in the villages many locals are planting their garden with vegetables and fruits in order to have a fresh and healthy source of food. These ingredients are also paramount on dishes being made in reputable Cretan gastronomy restaurants. We are proud to be one of those traditional restaurants in  Chania region ,and we will reveal two of the most reputable Cretan gastronomy dishes for you to enjoy.

Cretan Gastronomy- Cretan Gastronomy Restaurants in Chania- Platanias Olive Tree Restaurant- Traditional Cretan Food
Cretan Gastronomy- Cretan Gastronomy Restaurants in Chania- Platanias Olive Tree Restaurant- Traditional Cretan Food

Gemista: A cretan gastronomy restaurant’s favourite.

Gemista is not only famous in Crete but also all over Greece. We could say that Gemista ( Greek Stuffed Vegetables in the Oven) is the No 1 famous dish of Cretan summer. Main ingredients are whatever vegetables you can find in your garden- or in the grocery shop. Most famous vegetables are tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes and whatever vegetable you can imagine that can be stuffed with filling. After we clean and scoop off the inside of our vegetables we mix the inside of the vegetables with rice while adding olive oil to the mix.

Authentic Cretan Food Gemista- Greek vegetables stuffed with rise- Cretan gastronomy restaurant's specialty
Authentic Cretan Food Gemista- Greek vegetables stuffed with rise- cretan gastronomy restaurant’s specialty- I, BadseedGemistaCC BY-SA 3.0

This is a very famous Cretan dish as it combines raw ingredients found in our garden with healthy olive oil, rice and aromatic herbs and ingredients such as garlic and parsley. While this food is delicious it is also very healthy as it is baked in the oven, and can be eaten cold- which makes it another excellent picnic food idea. Especially in Greece, most Greeks prefer to eat Gemista cold and is super famous as a -by the sea- food while being for a swim. It is also widely classified as the ultimate traditional family dish for many Greeks .

Gemista stuffed vegetables with rice- cretan recipe
Gemista stuffed vegetables with rice- Cretan recipe- A Cretan Gastronomy Restaurant’s Favorite- Alpha, GemistagreekCC BY-SA 2.0 .

Boureki- Cretan Gastronomy Restaurants finest. Born in Chania.

A special food made exclusively in Chania is Boureki. Boureki is also found in many gastronomy restaurants in Chania where it is mostly known. It is also made with healthy ingredients from Cretan soil and is full of nutrients while being tasty and perfect for summer. It is also preferred to be eaten cold, making it also an excellent food for picnic- or a quick snack while on journeys in Crete.

Boureki is classified as a pie  You can make the pie’s dough with flour of your choice or with your preferred recipe for the pie. Then, for the filling of the dough, Mizithra, a local dairy product low on fat , is mixed with sliced raw fresh potatoes as well as fresh sliced zucchini. Alternatively, you can also mix other cheeses into the mixture or add another pure Cretan cheese, called Anthotiro . Spearmint is also added to the mixture that has a distinctive aroma, an earthy taste and can elevate the taste of the cheese being used, especially mizithra.

Olive oil is also added to the mix in order to be more malleable and we insist that you improvise, adding whatever you fancy into the mix- but in moderation. Many make this traditional cretan dish with cheese on top for extra flavour and some add egg yolk to the mixture they put in the cooking tray while others put oregano for extra taste. The choice for this exquisite dish of Cretan gastronomy is completely up to you!

Tratitional boureki of chania- authentic cretan food - pumpkin pie in thick dough-
Traditional boureki of Chania- authentic Cretan food – pumpkin pie in thick dough- Cretan Gastronomy restaurants in Chania recipe- Stuart Mudie
Boureki – Cretan pie

An Olive Tree Restaurant Idea.

We believe that healthy, fresh and pure ingredients are the most crucial part of the preparation. Good ingredients make a big difference in the cooking process. We would like to suggest that you start to grow some basic ingredients in your patio- or your small garden. You can also grow some fresh vegetables into big pots.

Many vegetables do not require a lot of space or care and can provide you with fresh raw ingredients needed into everyday cooking. Vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants require little effort and can provide you with necessary ingredients for a fresh and highly valuable dish. After all eating the vegetable that you grew gives you also a fine sense of accomplishment !

Cretan Diet- Authentic Cretan Food and Ingredients
Cretan Diet- Authentic Cretan Food and Ingredients- Olive Tree Cretan Gastronomy Restaurant in Chania

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