Greek cuisine is amongst the most famous cuisines in the world. This is the main reason that Greek restaurants are so famous not only in Chania but -we may say- worldwide. A big portion of people who are having dinner in Chania is noticing a vast amount of Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine restaurants. In this post from our blog, we will inform you of the top 3 traditional signature dishes that make of Greek cuisine.

Mousaka: A greek cuisine special.

We could say that mousaka is the most iconic Greek specialty dish. It contains all the vital vegetables iconic of the Greek summer and is so delicious that you have to try it at least once during your vacation in Chania. Fried sliced potatoes, fried sliced eggplant, minced meat, and Greek herbs are altogether inserted in the oven in a dish with a lush topping of Mornay sauce. 

greek moussaka- traditional greek cuisine dish
Greek Moussaka- Traditional Greek Cuisine Dish- Robert Kindermann aka RobertKMussakasMeMelitsanesKePatates01CC BY-SA 2.5

Pastitsio: An all time clasic.

Equal as famous and equal as tasty comes Pastitsio. It is a Greek Cuisine special that is also indicative of Greek summer. It also contains minced meat, mornay sauce, and spaghetti which are all baked in the oven for the perfect and balanced summer food special. 

Pastitsio is a lighter alternative for those who like to avoid fatty foods while on vacation as it contains no fried raw vegetables while being very tasty and a traditional Greek Cuisine meal that tourists love.

Greek Cuisine -Pasticcio
Greek Cuisine -Pasticcio- Katrin GilgerGreek Pastitsio (4645038613)CC BY-SA 2.0

The expected greek cuisine specials.

Many of our guests who are having their dinner in Chania by us have already known some famous Greek dishes. Their popularity is widely recognized as they are easy to make and super tasty, indicative of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Gemista- Stuffed vegetables is one of them as it contains ingredients widely available during the Greek summer season and is a very balanced meal while providing you with all the necessary nutrients for the whole day. 

Cretan Dakos may be for many who are seeking a dinner in Chania a starter meal but many of the guests’ reviews have stated that it can easily be a full course. With its carbohydrates (Cretan rusk), its healthy fat due to the mizithra cheese and with fresh ingredients of Greek countryside it provides you with a light meal option that many love.

Greek Salad: A food with many variations. 

Salads are always an all-time classic. We have already talked about the Cretan Salad and its close derivative is the famous Greek Salad. Colorful, tasty, fresh, and nutritional it’s a favorite side dish- or even a main course- for many. Greek salad may be the most recognized food of Greek Cuisine, and for a good reason as it complements all the other foods that you may come across on your vacations. 

Greek Cuisine: Don’t forget greek pastry and Desserts!

A good meal in a greek restaurant not only contains the greek specialities that we already talked about but also a good dinner has to do with the desserts that come after the main course.

Greek cuisine has a lot of traditional desserts that we, at Olive Tree Restaurant in Platanias are insisting that you try. They are healthy, made with original and pure ingredients, and can elevate your dinner.

Greek Cuisine- Authentic Greek Halva- Greek Desserts
Greek Cuisine- Authentic Greek Halva- Greek Desserts- I, Aviad2001HalvaCC BY-SA 3.0

We recommend that you seek and try Greek Halva which the main ingredient is sesame seeds. Sweet, balanced and healthy it can complement your Mediterranean or Greek cuisine experience as it provides you with the necessary sugars and energy while being a healthy option without the presence of additives and colorings.

Cretan and Greek Cuisine: A strong bond.

Crete and Greece have a lot of common dishes and food and desserts that you will absolutely love. In addition, Cretan cuisine also has some specialty dishes, herbs, endemic flora, agricultural production, and desserts that we especially talked about on our food blog. We recommend that you learn about Greek and Cretan food culture, as well as visit our sea-view restaurant in Platanias and taste for yourself the delicacies our country has to offer you. 

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