We have already talked about traditional Cretan food ,to which we are very proud ambassadors in our beachfront restaurant in Platanias. In this concise article from our blog we will give you some details about another original Cretan food, the original Bougatsa of Chania. Bougatsa of Chania is a traditional healthy dessert that you have to taste before departing from our island. It is an original Cretan food recipe that is only served from only a few shops in Chania near the Agora – Market square.

What is Bougatsa?

Bougatsa is a special kind of pastry (mostly sweet) being eaten commonly as a breakfast. It may have a lot of toppings or garnishes ranging from semolina, nutella, pastry cream, minced meat and many others. Bougatsa is a speciality commonly seen in Northern Greece and especially around Thessaloniki and Serres area.

The main ingredient of Bougatsa is a special oily pastry phyllo dough and whatever ingredient is used as a filling inside it. It is baked and served hot right off the oven, where it is cut into pieces and put into your dish in small but delicious bites. Depending on the filling we commonly eat Bougatsa with sugar on top or powdered sugar and cinnamon as a traditional Greek dessert.

Phyllo Dough- original Cretan food- Bougatsa
Phyllo Dough- original Cretan food- Bougatsa of Chania. RoozitaaMaking puff pastry (butter and Water dough ) 5CC BY-SA 3.0

Original Cretan food: The Bougatsa of Chania dessert.

On the contrary, Bougatsa of Chania is an original Cretan food recipe that is different from the normal Bougatsa we informed you about. Bougatsa of Chania is an original Cretan dessert found only in Chania and which has no variations. It is one recipe with no alteration on the filling. Bougatsa of Chania is also made with a Phyllo pastry dough very similar to the one being eaten in Northern Greece.

However a very distinctive difference happens on the Garnish of original cretan Bougatsa. Bougatsa of Chania is being made with traditional phyllo dough which only a few know to still make in the Chania region, and also original extra virgin Cretan olive oil. The filling though it’s completely different, as we only use fresh mizithra cheese in order to make the bougatsa’s filling. Mizithra is one kind of fresh dairy product very popular in Crete.

It is also part of our Traditional and original Cretan food as it is a fresh and low in fat dairy product that we use in abundance on many preparations. This soft white cheese is the main filling ingredient in the Chania Bougatsa and while it is soft and creamy, it is also low on fat and rich in healthy nutrients that are paramount in your breakfast.

MIzhthra- Original cretan food and dairy products-white soft creamy cheese mizhthra
MIzhthra- Original cretan food and dairy products-white soft creamy cheese mizhthra- Olive Tree Restaurant Platanias. grongar, Homemade MizithraCC BY 2.0

Original Cretan food- Where to taste traditional Bougatsa in Chania.

Although bougatsa of Chania is well known in our prefecture and there are many businesses that offer this delicacy, there are only two authentic old bougatsa shops that offer this original cretan food. Both of them are in a close distance near Agora Market square and it is very easy to find them by asking locals in the vicinity. We suggest that you go there early in the morning and also combine bougatsa of Chania with an original Greek coffee for a full and energized start to your day.

original Cretan food Bougatsa- traditional sweet pastry
Original and Authentic Cretan food Bougatsa- traditional sweet pastry – Olive Tree Restaurant- avlxyzBougatsaCC BY-SA 2.0

Bougatsa of Chania: A long History.

Although Bougatsa of Chania is relatively unknown to people outside of the Chania region, this original Cretan food delicacy has a long history that dates back to Constantinople, and to a shoe maker (!) rather than a pastry chef or a baker ! This story dates back nearly a century, when this Cretan delicacy was introduced to our city and it keeps on surprising us with the healthy ingredients and distinctive taste.

The Olive Tree Restaurant point of view.

We fairly believe that food is a way of learning a place’s history, tradition and culture. We strive to promote traditional and original Cretan food in the way our ancestors would do many -many years ago. By visiting our blog  you will see more original Cretan recipes and Cretan dishes that attribute Crete in the best way.

Our goal is to keep promoting the Cretan diet and making it extensively known to the public. This is why many of our visitors say that we are a traditional Cretan restaurant with authentic recipes, food and people. We invite you to discover us !

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